Smart Interactive BTL

We are next generation experiential marketing services agency. We provide our clients out of the box digital activation solutions and integrated marketing services. So that the “marketing does not feel like marketing” at all. Our innovative customer experience and engagement model comes out of true cerebration and creative thinking of providing an “Experience” to your audiencess. With years of experience and proven capabilities, we are able to develop plans and ideas that are highly interactive and immersive. We help companies/ brands to build a virtuous rapport with their target audience. Our main moto is to “ATTRACT – ENGAGE – CONNECT” customers with brands. We are inclined to create communities. Not market! We always hear from the up-to-the-minute experiential marketing trends to provide the best engaging product to our clients.

Interactive Touch Wall

Activations are no more supposed to be boring, we can now convert any flat surface into an interactive wall. Interactive Storytelling Wall is unique innovation using projection to engage and create brand/product awareness.The idea is to touch the icons/visuals to learn more about the brand/product. Through its stunning and creative visual animation on a large LED screen,it pulls the attention of the crowd and tells your brand’s story in a more engaging way

Virtual Reality

Experience the truly immersive virtual reality. This virtual reality kit uses custom tracking technology to provide ultra-low latency 360° head tracking. The technology allows customers to seamlessly look around the virtual world just as they would be in real life. Every subtle movement of the head is tracked in real time creating a natural and intuitive experience.

Multi Touch

Having a series of multiple touch points giving your target audience a wide range of options to select from

Augmented Reality

The Augmented Reality creates a unique VR experience to the participants. The participant finds himself/herself walking on the Ramp/ singing in front of audiences/ clicking photos with celebs, where they can experience the 360 degree view

Interactive Vending Machine

Instead of giving away samples or freebies for free, now the target audience would have to work for it . This gives you a chance for the target audience to experience the brand before having the free sample.

Virtual Wardrobe

Our Virtual Wardrobe allows the user to interact with a gesture controlled screen to select and match virtual outfits they might be interested in buying.
The audience can select different colors, styles, clothing categories, collection types, brand, sizing, price and any other important information you might want to convey to them.

Holographic Screen

This see-through holographic screen opens a world of innovation with its enhanced display and graphic animation effects to make your product come alive on the screen. The display technology uses coated glass media for the projection surface, which can provide brilliant high contrast picture quality.

Kinect Game Integratiom

The TG can play interesting and fun games, just by waving their hands in the air. The excitement increases when the vending machine dispenses instant goodies for the participants, who win the game!

Virtual Mannequin

Virtual Mannequin (multi-lingual) is an ideal interactive solution that can provide virtual assistance and information about your product/service to the audience. This crowd puller operates in a continuous loop without break time and keeps the audience engaged with its interactive nature.