About us

IMC Ltd began with the vision of providing the most innovative marketing campaigns and creative concepts that would be able to communicate brand attributes in the simplest yet most effective and creative ways. The goal was to reach the target audience with captivating strategies that would attract, engage ,connect and convert them simultaneously.

With a wide range of client portfolio expertise, we have developed a sound understanding of how different target audiences perceive and understand a brand communication putting us in an optimum position be able to create brand and communication strategies relevant to your target audience.

We have a pool of dedicated professionals who work as a team to brainstorm from concept to completion and deliver before deadline so that if there are any changes per say, they can be worked on within the required time frame. With a flexible working culture, our team will work with you closely to provide unlimited changes to get the best final product.

Our leadership skills have been developed and honed to be focused and result oriented. Our team is finely attuned to workplace trends based on today’s changing environment. This enables us to initiate action and provide coordination, motivation, guidance and confidence to one another to attain a successful completion of a project and provide unprecedented results.

We promise to deliver an exceptional service with our high tech solutions and give you the outcome that is to your expectation. We have access to the latest tools and equipment’s required in the project such as a state of the art studio for voice overs and high performance computers and laptops for photo and and video editing.

In addition, our team constantly undergoes trainings so that they are at par with the latest upgrades in today’s ever changing technology. This will ensure that the output is up to mark as per requirement and within required time frame.

It is our endeavor to give a 100% dedication to your project to ensure we proactively engage with the technical information and complex concepts to be able to disseminate them into impactful and accessible content in order to give you a product that is to your complacency.

In a competitive market with price sensitive consumers and big budget competitors you need more than a creative agency.

You Need, Imperial Marketing & Communications


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